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Your personalized guide to your intended profession

Quis is a revolutionary platform that helps people change careers by building a personalized plan and motivational component

Why you have to use it?

We provide comprehensive guidance, personalized tests, and actionable individual roadmaps tailored to your specific profession

Identify your profession

Make sure you’re in a comfortable environment where you can focus on this 15-minute test.
You will answer 70 questions about yourself. There’s no wrong answers so feel free to pick any answer.

Get Test Result

Based on an in-depth analysis of your personal professional preferences and potential areas of specialization, we will determine a list of the most suitable professions for you and build a personal profile.
View your full Career Report online. Discover your work personality strengths and career list

Get Individual Roadmap and Build an exclusive career

Detailed roadmap that outlines the specific steps you need to take to reach your desired profession
Our aim is to guide you through each stage of your professional journey, offering clarity and direction along the way

Find Out Your Profession

Career guidance plans

Choose your perfect plan and take a personal career of your dream


  • Basic career guidance test
  • Personal portfolio
  • Professional roadmap



  • In-depth career guidance tests
  • Wide personal portfolio
  • Professional roadmap with visualized progress
  • Ranking of suitable professions
  • Career advices
  • All Free Plan benefits



  • Career guidance and personal tests
  • Wide personal portfolio by tests result
  • Professional roadmap with visualized progress
  • Ranking of suitable professions
  • CV builder from portfolio with a detailed description of the person as an employee
  • Vacancies
  • All Free Plan benefits
  • All Silver Plan benefits

$ 49.00

Do you still have questions?

How can Quis benefit me?

Quis offers several benefits to individuals seeking professional growth. Our personalized tests help you understand your strengths, interests, and potential areas of expertise, enabling you to make informed career choices. The roadmap we provide outlines actionable steps and resources to help you progress in your profession. Additionally, our expert advisors offer valuable insights and mentorship to guide you through your career journey.

Are the tests and assessments provided by Quis reliable?

Absolutely. Quis utilizes scientifically validated tests and assessments developed by experts in the field. Our assessments are designed to provide accurate insights into your professional preferences, strengths, and potential career paths. We continuously update and refine our assessments to ensure their reliability and relevance.

How does the personalized roadmap work?

Once you complete the assessments, our platform generates a personalized roadmap specifically tailored to your profile and career aspirations. The roadmap breaks down the steps you need to take, including recommended courses, certifications, networking opportunities, and other resources. It serves as a guide to help you navigate your career journey effectively and efficiently.

Can Quis help me if I’m considering a career change?

Absolutely! Quis is designed to assist individuals at various stages of their professional lives, including those considering a career change. Our personalized tests and expert advice can help you explore new career paths, assess transferable skills, and identify opportunities to transition smoothly into a new profession.

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